The Sims 4: Pre-Order Bonus Content


Life of the Party Digital Content

The “Life of the Party” content comes complete with Face Paint (Teens – Elders), New party outfits (Child – Elder), and the Flaming Tiki Bar. Please note that new clothing, objects are marked with a GOLD star until you click them. That is in place to let you know it is new content. Additionally, you can sort by “Purchased” items.
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Cannot wait to see these in the games later! I did get this content. 

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Reblog if you don’t plan on leaving The Sims 3


I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4

I will be sticking to both games. So anyone following me will not have to worry about switching to another tumblr.

Um…. that is today. Why the F is this not working!?!?!?

Um…. that is today. Why the F is this not working!?!?!?


No joke. It gives you a list of options to choose from such as small talk, insults, and pickup lines. I choose pickup lines and some of the phrases were:

"Did you get your hair from a silkworm?"

"Can I smell your ear?"

"Is that your real neck?"


And all windowed up :)

This house is so stinkin’ cute!


And all windowed up :)

This house is so stinkin’ cute!


The first rule of autoroof is never use autoroof

Such a true rule about auto roof. Sometimes I’ll just look to see if it is any good or if it’ll have a solution to a weird roof problem but most of the time I do not use it at all. 


Another day another hair heheheh isn’t this fun XD
I’m so glad I managed to fix this one and I really hope you guys will like it XD
Soooooo go grab it XD


Stunning hair! Reminds me of KStew.


One quick room before I retire for the night, the formal dining room :)

This is a great room makeover! The colors are so cute and it shows what you can accomplish in the sims if you just play around with the colors. <3

Community Blog: Welcome to Oasis Springs!




Hi Simmers! I am here to tell you more about the vibrant worlds where you and your Sims will be creating your own unique stories in The Sims 4.
We start out in Willow Creek which is very green, bountiful and should feel a little familiar to longtime fans. We wanted to pair Willow Creek with something completely different and that world is Oasis Springs. Oasis Springs packs a…

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I hit 200 followers today so it’s time for a follower gift!!

200 followers means 2 FOLLOWER GIFTS

Here’s part one, space posters (ok mostly astronaut posters)  because wow I love space

I’m going out of province for 5 days tomorrow night, so tomorrow morning I’ll put up part 2 since I won’t be on a whole lot again until wednesday :)

Also some people have had problems downloading my content, so I’ve included a .rar file containing the package and also a .sims3pack!!